Website Design

From storyboard to Internet, we’ll work together to design a web presence that is professional-looking, esthetically appealing and content-rich. Through expert keyword coding, we’ll achieve high ranks in the popular search engines, exposing you to as many prospects as possible. We can also make you a “paperless” office by setting up an Intranet so you can put all your forms up electronically, and control content internally. We’ll find the right hosting plan with the easiest tools for simple management. If you already have a website, we can help you re-vamp your images to minimize load times and re-code it for maximum search engine efficacy.

Constantly Evolving

With numerous web design companies to choose from, it may be difficult to decide which company will design, maintain or search engine optimize your web site. At Central Coast Web Design, we specialize specifically in website design, website maintenance, and search engine optimization. We focus on the developmental aspect of the web pages for your website. We concentrate on designing websites that will visually communicate your image to promote your professional objective to the world.

New breakthroughs in technology mandate the need for continuous education. New trends and ideas are constant. Central Coast Web Design commit ourselves to evolve with the Internet by researching, learning, and implementing new ideas in all areas of web design.

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