IT Support Plan

Once your network is completely stable, we can offer a regular maintenance agreement plan. A stable network consists of the following components:

  • Server & workstation hardware is under current warranty coverage by the hardware vendor
  • Server operating system is Windows 2012, 2016 or 2019 Server.
  • Network system is protected by a hardware-based firewall.
  • Server file-system and email-system (if applicable) are protected by licensed and up-to-date virus protection software
  • Server is connected to a working UPS
  • Server has been confirmed with proper configuration by a Central Coast Support IT Professional
  • Central Coast Support is monitoring backups that have been scheduled by one of our IT professionals

Pay Per Incident

Pay for IT maintenance as needed. The Client pays an “as needed” hourly rate based on current hourly rates. Current hourly rates for services are as follows:

  • Computer Maintenance, Support & Training- $85/hour
  • Certified Network Administrator – $100/hour
  • Certified Network Systems Manager – $120/hour
  • Computer Programmer- $150/hour

Monthly Maintenance

This is a general check of your network connections, computer updates and hardware maintenance. The check is done routinely. You are not billed for anything unless the technician finds issues that need to be addressed. The service is included with regular remote access to the computers in your office. Prices are charged depending on the type of incident needed please refer to the “Pay Per Incident” pricing.

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