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Networking Resources

Remote Support AvailableSince 2002, we have sold and supported computer network systems on the Central Coast. We deploy highly trained, experienced, certified technicians to resolve your computer concerns in a timely fashion.

If you are seeking an
honest, ethical support firm - look no further.
Old-fashioned, prompt service!

Our certified engineers will connect to your equipment remotely to fix PC problems instantly. Some of our popular services include: Online Computer Repair, Microsoft Support, PC Help Desk, Business Network Support, Windows Server Support, Virus Removal, Dell Support, HP Support.

Server Backups & Maintenance

Central Coast Support will regularly install patches and critical updates to your server to help ensure that you are guarded against the latest vulnerability threats. For many of these updates to be installed properly your server must be restarted.

Most backups are scheduled to run nightly at 1 AM. During our regular maintenace check, the schedule and of our regular maintenance plan is to perform a weekly check to make sure the backup was completed properly.

Central Coast Support will restart your servers, as necessary, between our regular maintenance window of 11PM and 4AM Pacific Standard Time Sunday through Saturday. If the expected downtime is greater than 15 minutes, the Central Coast Support Managed Services staff will contact you to inform you of the outage. You reserve the right to request that Central Coast Support reschedule the outage to align with your business needs.

Available Support Plans