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Employee Traning Questions

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click hereHow do we setup a training session?
The best way to setup a training session is to submit the online request form. If you prefer to make a call, you can call either of the numbers listed at the bottom of this page; however, if we are with a client your call may be delayed.
click hereIf I have run into a problem while I am creating a file, will you help me?

Yes, our regular customers have the opportunity to have monthly support included in their maintenance package. If you prefer not to pay for one of our support plans, you will be billed at an hourly rate for your support session.

Please review
Central Coast Support
Website Maintenance Plan
IT Support Plan

click hereCan I remotely connect and access my system at the office as if I was sitting at my desk?

Yes, there are several options we can discuss. There are several software applications available. You can demo these applications to see which one you prefer. Some of them are free and other's require an annualy purchase.

It is possible to bypass these applications and use the Windows remote setup; however, we have found there is a significant delay in the data transfer rate. You may experience a slowdown from your remote location.

click hereCan you tell me how to setup an online forum for my employees?
It will depend on how many people you would like to connect at once. There are several options available for your training session.
click hereHow can I extract the data from my current software to convert to an Excel file?

All software applications are different. If the data can be exported to a Comma Separted Value (CSV) file, it can be easily imported into Excel. This is a technique we have successfully used to export data from one application to have it import into another. The process requires building macros in Excel but once the file is created, it is an easy data transfer for the client. Please review the following diagram:

Database Transfer

click hereI need help in QuickBooks, what is your experience in working with QuickBooks accounting systems?
Marilyne has been teaching QuickBooks classes since 1995. She currently teaches QuickBooks Accounting classes at Cuesta College and San Luis Obispo Adult School. Individual training is available as well as troubleshooting problems that have occured from information that has been entered incorrectly.