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click hereWhat exactly does Central Coast Support offer?
Now that you have taken the time to read about all of our services website design, networking, database conversion, and office automation; you should have some sort of an idea of the type of support we offer. We are a "one stop" resource that will work to help your office run more efficiently.
click hereHow do I know my backups are working properly?
The backup software we use has a detailed log of the backup process. We schedule daily backups with a different file for each day of the week. Each log is checked weekly. If there is any problem with a backup, the backup log is rewritten and run manually. Backups can be made offsite and locally. We will discuss your preferred method at the time of our initial consultation.
click hereI only use my computer for leisure does this matter?
No of course not, we pride ourselves on being there to support everyone no matter how large or small the service required.
click hereI am self employed and run my company from home. How can you help me?
Central Coast Support specializes in small business as we understand how important the role of the computer is & that budgets are tight. We are confident that we can provide the perfect solution to suit your business needs.
click hereI run a small business - can you help with my Network & Computers?
Yes. We offer a wide range of services & computer hardware that’s going to be suitable & of course cost effective for your business. We can monitor your systems 24/7 for minimal cost, not even the price of a cup of coffee per day, & with us not having long service contracts in place you will only be charged for the time we spend working on your systems. We know how a small business works because we are too.
click hereWhat do you charge to fix problems?
If you plan to use our services for ongoing support, we have discount payment plans available. Our hourly rates depend on the technician you need. Most of the time our maintenace, support & training rate of $60 per hour will meet your needs. If we need to bring in one of our certified network technicians, then the cost varies depending on the certifications you need. There is a complete outline of these rates IT Maintenance page of this website.
click hereIf you come on site is there a call out fee to pay?
We do not charge a call out fee; however, we do charge a one way hourly driving fee for locations over 30 minutes from our Morro Bay office. An example of this would be a drive to Santa Maria (45 minutes from our office), will cost the customer $45.
click hereCan you support my current PC or do I need a new one?
We can support any PC; however, we don't always encourage a machine upgrade. Each situation is different. If your current machine is meeting your needs we will keep it running as long as we can. If you are trying to run more advanced applications that this machine cannot handle without an upgrade, we may suggest a machine replacement.
click hereDo you sell PCs and accessories?
We have a purchasing agreement with Dell computers. Our Dell Gold Support Sales Team will give us discount purchases in every computer related category. We pass these prices on to our clients as a service at no additional cost to the client. We also research pricing from other vendors to make sure you are getting the best possible price for your purchase.
click hereDo you do upgrades?
Yes. We will assess your current computers specification against your needs & requirements. We will help you to choose the right upgrades for the task, obtain them for you & even perform the whole install.
click hereWhat payment methods do you accept?
We are currently setup for cash and check only.
click hereI have a technical question where can I find the answer?
Please contact us via any of our contact details or use our contact form & one of our team will be in contact with you as soon as possible.
click hereWhat is a Virus?
Viruses are self-executing, self-replicating programs. They alter the way a computer operates without the knowledge or permission of the user. When activated, viruses may damage files, cause erratic system behavior, or display annoying messages. The ability to self-replicate differentiates viruses from Trojan horses, worms, and other virus-like programs.
click hereWhat is a Worm?
A worm is a self-replicating virus that does not alter files but resides in active memory and duplicates itself. Worms use parts of an operating system that are automatic and usually invisible to the user. It is common for worms to be noticed only when their uncontrolled replication consumes system resources, slowing or halting other tasks.
click hereWhat is a Trojan Horse?
Trojan horses are malicious programs disguised as something benign. They've been known to pose as games, utilities, and email attachments. Once opened, Trojan horses act much differently than you expect. Some merely annoy, sending emails to everyone in your address book. Others do serious damage, to the point of stealing passwords and data files. Unlike viruses, Trojan horses are not self-replicating.

Active Trojan horses are an advanced type of Trojan horse. They use unprotected ports to open lines of communication with your computer, and they can ultimately give hackers control over your machine. Active Trojan horses are also called Remote Access Trojans.
click hereWhat are Physical and Environmental Security Policies?

One of the primary concerns regarding organizational information is the protection of that information.  The form of this type of protection is determined by a detailed policy that includes the examination of the threats and vulnerabilities.  This examination must include a physical and environmental security policy that protects the data from harm of a physical nature.