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Database Conversion
We offer a full range of database development services, data conversion, database development and normalization, database modeling, programming and service.Because our techs are Certified MOU (Microsoft Office User) Experts,we specialize in converting database information from proprietary software to any or all of these applications
  1. Access
  2. Outlook
  3. Excel
  4. MS Word
Microsoft Certified Professonal

Described services cover expert recommendations, consultations, technical assistance, actual maintenance and will save you time, money and increase productivity.

We have successfully exported large databases in CSV (Comma Separated Value) format to all of the Microsoft Applications.  Many businesses are not aware that the programs they are using have this capability.  Proprietary applications that have successfully accepted these conversions are not limited to but include the following:


  1. QuickBooks
  2. Quicken
  3. WDIFX
  4. Pathways
  5. FileMaker Pro
  6. PHP Database Conversions
QuickBooks Pro